Execute a service from a Java filter

There are many ways to execute a WebCenter Content service from a Java filter. Below is one such example. In the below example, the service name should already be set as IdcService in the service DataBinder before calling the executeService method. You could also change the method to accept a String parameter containing the service name and […]

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Remove fields from Query Builder search form

Recently a forum post came up asking about how to hide fields in the Query Builder search form. The fields are added to the HTML select element using JavaScript. The form fields are pulled from the JavaScript variable g_schemaDefinition.fields. The below steps can be used to create a custom component using Component Wizard which will override […]

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Swype – Android keyboard

Swype is my favorite Android keyboard. Nuance, the company who now owns Swype and which you may recognize from Dragon NaturallySpeaking, has just released a new beta version of the popular Swype keyboard. Navigate here on your Android device to download the new Swype Beta version. If you need to register for the Swype Beta, you can do so here for […]

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