RIDC versus CIS

A question was recently posed on the Oracle WebCenter Content forum about whether to choose Content Integration Suite (CIS) or Remote Intradoc Client (RIDC) for WebCenter Content integration with third-party applications. The user specifically wanted to know the following: What is faster? What is simpler or better documented? What is used by Oracle to communicate between it’s products with […]

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Folio rendition – zip no HDA

When downloading the default Content Folio zip rendition, metadata for each content item is placed in the zip as file dDocTitle_metadata.hda. It has often been requested, to exclude the metadata HDA files from the zip rendition. I have created a custom WebCenter Content component, [download id=”5″], which creates a new Folio rendition, which renders a zip […]

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Online syntax highlighting

I often need to send code snippets via email. The following website http://tohtml.com will take source code and convert it to syntax highlighted HTML code. There are a plethora of languages available. Unfortunately (although not surprisingly), there is not an Idoc Script setting. However, I have found that either the HTML or JavaScript type work fairly well for Idoc […]

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Find Oracle WebCenter Content patches

Finding/linking to patches in My Oracle Support is not always the easiest process. For an interface that is easier to navigate and has direct linking capabilities (to the patch page, the download and the readme), use this link. You will still need a login to My Oracle Support to use this. Example URL for WebCenter […]

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Minify CSS and JavaScript – WebCenter Content

Many times, when using Site Studio to build websites, scripts and stylesheets are stored in WebCenter Content. This makes sense. I was recently working on a client’s Site Studio website which was serving CSS from WebCenter Content. The CSS was not minified. Not only was this making the page load slowly, it was causing some real […]

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