Who created that Site Studio section?

A question was asked today on the Oracle WebCenter Content forum about how to determine the user who created a Site Studio section. Hi All, is it possible to get the user details about one section, like who has created that section in site hierarchy Out of the box, Site Studio does not appear to store the user name […]

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Additional search fields

A question popped up today on the Oracle WebCenter Content forum asking how to display Revision Label (dRevLabel) on Search Results pages. Hi, I need to customize the search results page to show Revision Label in the search result. At present, Revision is not available to be included in the columns to be shown in search […]

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Hide folder field in 11g Folders

The new 11g Folders component (which I recently wrote about here) always displays the Folder field on a checkin form. Questions have been popping up on both the Oracle WebCenter Content forum and the Yahoo! WebCenter Content Users Group about how to hide this Folder field in the new 11g Folders component. In Contribution Folders (folders_g), there was a […]

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11g Folders – organized, optimized, modernized

At Collaborate 2012, held April 22-26, 2012, I spoke about the new WebCenter Content 11g Folders component (previously known as FrameworkFolders). I had the privilege of presenting with Vijay Ramanathan, Director of Product Management at Oracle Corporation. The new component, now simply called Folders (although the component is still named FrameworkFolders), is the successor to Contribution Folders (folders_g). […]

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Force content type choice

Out of the box, WebCenter Content defaults to the first value in an option list (if no default is set and no value is set via a rule). A question was asked yesterday on the Oracle WebCenter Content forum about how to default Content Type (dDocType) to an empty/blank option so that the user is forced to select a […]

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