Retrieve logged-in user details – Web Form – Process Cloud

The following question was recently posted on the OTN Community for Oracle Process Cloud Service.

Does anyone know how to retrieve the details for a logged-in user in the new web forms? In basic (original) forms, a REST call could be made (while passing in ID of the logged-in user) using a business rule. This is a start form, so the user ID cannot be passed as a parameter from the process.

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The Benefits of Affliction – John Newton

Methinks, if we might go to heaven without suffering, we would be unwilling to desire it. Why should we ever wish to go by any other path to heaven – than that which Jesus has consecrated and endeared, by his own example? Especially as his people’s sufferings are not penal – there is no wrath in them. The cup he puts in their hands is very different from that which he drank for their sakes, and is only medicinal to promote their chief good. Thus the Lord, by pain, sickness, and disappointments, by breaking our cisterns and withering our gourds – weakens our attachment to this world, and makes the thought of leaving it, more easy and more desirable.

Webcast: Oracle Documents Cloud – February 2017 pre-release

Oracle is excited about the next update of Oracle Documents Cloud Service currently scheduled for a February 2017 release. To ensure you get the most out of Oracle’s latest features and updates, Oracle is providing an exclusive sneak peek at the new features and capabilities included in the upcoming release via a pre-release webcast. The webcast will also include a roadmap discussion and provide a forum for feedback discussion and a Q&A.

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Remove Chrome autocomplete URL

  • Go to Chrome’s location bar (CTRL + L)
  • Type part of URL that you want to remove from autocomplete
  • Highlight entire URL (CTRL + A)
  • Press CTRL + DELETE to remove the entry