Delete Content – RIDC

A few weeks ago, I needed a fast way to delete all content from a WebCenter Content instance. This was also brought up today on OTN Community, How to delete multiple content items. I first tried to use Archiver to export/delete all the content. However, this process took way too long because it was actually exporting first […]

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Contribution Folders – Trash

In the Contribution Folders (folders_g) component, there is a concept known as Trash. Trash is really just a folder that stores folders, content items and shortcuts that have been “deleted” from a folder. When a content item, folder or shortcut is deleted, that item is moved to Trash and not directly deleted (if Trash is enabled). […]

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Login form autofocus – WebCenter Content 11g

In WebCenter Content 11g, form (cookie) based authentication is used in place of the basic authentication standard in version prior to 11g. Before 11g 11g Overall, this was a good move as it allows for users to logout (without closing their browser). However, one thing that has always bothered me about the new form based authentication […]

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Follow me on Bitbucket

I love Atlassian products including JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket. I use them at work every single day. Bitbucket provides free (and paid) online source code hosting for Git or Mercurial projects. You can follow me on Bitbucket here: I have multiple public Git repositories which contain most of my WebCenter Content components that are available for download here or at Bitbucket. P.S. For […]

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