Statement of Direction for Site Studio

Public Service Announcement (for those who are not aware): For those customers that have deployed Site Studio for enterprise portals, marketing sites and intranets, or publishing content via web applications (sometimes referred to as “Site Studio for External Applications” or “SSXA”), WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Sites are the strategic solutions. For customers developing marketing sites […]

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Hitron CGN2 – modem login

I was trying to login to a friend’s Hitron CGN2 cable modem the other day. Instead of the normal admin GUI login, I was presented this screen: This login functionality is provided through the cable company and powered by ClearAccess. I did not need nor want this access. After much Googling, I found a way to […]

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AlphabetizeMenus – build_7_20140808 – WebCenter Content

AlphabetizeMenus was originally written by Jason Stortz of Redstone Content Solutions. I wrote an update to this component to make it compatible with 11g (native UI not the ADF Content UI). A while ago, a user reported an issue on a WebCenter Content 11g instance with Records Management installed. I discovered a JavaScript error was occurring. I was able to replicate the issue and […]

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