AlphabetizeMenus – build_7_20140808 – WebCenter Content

AlphabetizeMenus was originally written by Jason Stortz of Redstone Content Solutions. I wrote an update to this component to make it compatible with 11g (native UI not the ADF Content UI). A while ago, a user reported an issue on a WebCenter Content 11g instance with Records Management installed. I discovered a JavaScript error was occurring. I was able to replicate the issue and […]

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WebCenter Content Search – use DOC_INFO_BY_NAME

While coding a component the other day, I was looking through std_page.htm. I stumbled across the following configuration variable which allows linking to DOC_INFO_BY_NAME instead of the default DOC_INFO on Search pages. This configuration defaults to false so that DOC_INFO is used. Using DOC_INFO_BY_NAME has the benefit of always pointing to the latest revision (whether released, and in […]

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Information fields versus Application fields

What is the difference between information fields and applications fields in WebCenter Content? This is a question I have seen posted to forums, and I have also been curious about myself. Bex Huff posted a good explanation here: Information fields appear automatically on the search/check-in pages, and get stored in the database as document metadata. Application fields […]

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Hide WebCenter Content quick search

WebCenter Content provides a searching function known as Quick Search. With the Quick Search Field, you can perform a search regardless of the page in the content area. By default, the Quick Search field performs a substring search for the specified search terms in the title, content ID metadata, and text indexed for full-text search if your system […]

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