Search results column sorting

Column sorting on Search Results in WebCenter Content is defaulted out of the box to just a few fields. Expanding this list of fields, can be done a few different ways. For one method, see Kyle Hatlestad‘s blog post Expanding on the Sort Fields in UCM. Another method using dynamichtml includes is outlined below. Using a dynamichtml include to setup the […]

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RIDC versus CIS

A question was recently posed on the Oracle WebCenter Content forum about whether to choose Content Integration Suite (CIS) or Remote Intradoc Client (RIDC) for WebCenter Content integration with third-party applications. The user specifically wanted to know the following: What is faster? What is simpler or better documented? What is used by Oracle to communicate between it’s products with […]

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Folio rendition – zip no HDA

When downloading the default Content Folio zip rendition, metadata for each content item is placed in the zip as file dDocTitle_metadata.hda. It has often been requested, to exclude the metadata HDA files from the zip rendition. I have created a custom WebCenter Content component, [download id=”5″], which creates a new Folio rendition, which renders a zip […]

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Online syntax highlighting

I often need to send code snippets via email. The following website will take source code and convert it to syntax highlighted HTML code. There are a plethora of languages available. Unfortunately (although not surprisingly), there is not an Idoc Script setting. However, I have found that either the HTML or JavaScript type work fairly well for Idoc […]

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