Where are the intradoc Java classes located?

“I need to use the intradoc Java classes but cannot find where the classes are located? Can you help?” This question gets asked every so often on the forums. The intradoc classes are available as a JAR in the following locations: 10g – ucm_dir/custom/CS10gR35CoreUpdate/classes.jar 11g – middleware_home/Oracle_ECM1/ucm/idc/jlib/idcserver.jar You need to add this JAR file as […]

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CS10gR35UpdateBundle build 115

In case you missed it, CS10gR35UpdateBundle build 115 was released on November 2, 2012. Patch 6907073: Content Server 10.1.3.x.x Update Bundle Component (CS10gR35UpdateBundle) – 2012_11_02 (build 115) This component/patch is for Oracle WebCenter Content (formerly UCM) 10g. It contains CS10gR35CoreUpdate build 115 as well as the following bundled components: AddCCToNewCheckin CollaborationManager ConfigMigrationUtility ContentCategorizer ContentFolios ContentTracker […]

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RIDC – import batch file

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a friend at Oracle to help write some RIDC code to import an Archiver batch file. A batch file is, “a text file that contains the file records for archived content items. Batch files describe the metadata for each exported revision.” The code I wrote makes use of two WebCenter […]

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11g Folders browse configuration settings

There are some new configuration variables/parameters that can be used with WebCenter Content 11g Folders. I have already written about one variable that allows you to hide the folder field. Below are some additional configuration variables/parameters. These are mostly used with the FLD_BROWSE service. Other Folders services, along with their required and optional parameters, can be found […]

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ResultSet versus DataResultSet

ResultSet and DataResultSet are both Java classes which allow us to work with data sets. Most often they are used to work with either metadata or database tables. However, they are not limited to this. Think of them as a data structure that can have a very large number of columns and rows. To better […]

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