SSL certificate store – Mono on Linux

I use the KeePass password vault. I also use Linux. This means I use KeePass with Mono. I was attempting to use the KeePass Favicon Downloader plugin this morning when I encountered this error: After a quick Google, I came across this thread. Stephen Parry recommended the following: Mono uses it’s own cert store, which is […]

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Hide LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn, like many other social networks, has premium upsells, sponsored updates, job recommendations, etc. Many people would call these ads and would call these annoying. I originally started hacking the LinkedIn user interface by hiding People You May Know who are non-members. I then moved on to sponsored updates. Once again, I started putting together a […]

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Now SSL enabled

This website is now SSL enabled. HTTPS is a communications protocol used on the Internet that has a layer of security added. It is a combination of the standard HTTP protocol, and a security protocol called SSL/TLS. HTTPS is important because standard HTTP sends data over the Internet in plain text making it easy to intercept. The […]

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Allowable characters in Folders – WebCenter Content

I’ve written a lot about WebCenter Content Folders (FrameworkFolders). Below is an excerpt from My Oracle Support Doc ID 1937218.1 . Most characters are allowed in folder names and file names (for those content items existing within folders). However, by default, these are the illegal characters: You can change this by setting the following configuration variable: […]

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