Using Rules & Profiles To Drive Custom Pages – WebCenter

One of the great features of WebCenter Content is the ability to create dynamically rendered pages and be able to simply check them in to have them work. Learn how to create a rule that will include a side effect which will incorporate the custom page.

Required search fields – WebCenter Content

WebCenter Content provides the ability to require a field value for a given metadata field when checking-in or updating a content item. This can be controlled one of two ways. The first is setting this value in Configuration Manager using a rule field type: The second is by using the isRequired variable either in the […]

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FAQ for FrameworkFolders – WebCenter Content 1667918.1

This is a Frequently Asked Questions document pertaining to the use of Framework Folders in WebCenter Content (WCC, formerly Universal Content Management or UCM). Questions include the following: What are Folders? Why would you want to use Folders? Why were Framework Folders created? Why would you want to use Framework Folders rather than Folders_g? How do you migrate from Folders_g to Framework Folders? How was the limit of the maximum number of items per folder changed with Framework Folders? What are Query Folders? What are Retention Folders? What are Personal or User Folders?