HTTP/2 is here

The main focus of both SPDY and HTTP/2 is performance, especially latency as perceived by the end-user while using a browser, with a secondary focus on network and server resource usage. One large benefit of HTTP/2 is the ability to use a single TCP connection from a browser to a website, or in the case of CloudFlare, a reverse proxy. As such, CloudFlare is in the perfect position to provide the benefits of HTTP/2 to all CloudFlare users by accelerating the web surfing experience between browsers and CloudFlare, without the need to change anything on the origin server.

Statement of direction for WebCenter Framework Portal applications

WebCenter Framework Portal application(s) is/are discouraged for any future development within WebCenter Portal product. The WebCenter Portal Server is the evolution of WebCenter Spaces technology. The WebCenter Portal Framework technology is still available and remains fully supported in 11gR1 product line, but is was moved into maintenance mode since Fusion Middleware (PS6) release. That means that Oracle has stopped adding any new features and we only fix bugs, if reported. The WebCenter Portal Framework IS NOT be available in WebCenter Portal Release 12c.

Assign comma seperated list of users as workflow approvers

We have the list of approvers (dUser) as comma separated values which user will be entering in check-in form. How can I assign comma separated users as approvers in criteria workflow token. Should we split the users and assign each user individually or are there any other options available?