Hide popup action menu items – WebCenter Content

Below is an example of a technique originally coined by William Phelps and showcased at Collaborate 14. I’ve come to use this technique quite often (so that I don’t have to write a custom component for a slight customization). Combining this with my LoadRuleSideEffect component (which allows loading of one rule and its side effects […]

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Checking for null or empty or white space only String in Java

It would be a minor added convenience if standard Java had a class and/or methods added to check Strings for more common conditions. Java 7 has added the Objects class for performing some very common functionality on Objects, so a new class called Strings or StringUtils might do the same thing for Java Strings.

Custom WebCenter Content Components – Links

This blog post contains links on custom WebCenter Content components. It includes sections on how to develop (including various areas of development), free component downloads and components available for purchase. I did not link to every blog post about a specific custom component, because mine alone would be too numerous. Instead, under the Download heading, I have a […]

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