Linkclump – Chrome extension

If you ever find yourself opening a half-dozen links from a single page, the free Chrome extension Linkclump will save you tons of time. Once you install it, just hold Shift, then click and drag over a list of links to open them all in new tabs. In the demo below, you can see an example of using Linkclump to open the top 5 results in Google for “best 3d printers” in new tabs all at once.


Source: Zapier

Running JIRA on MariaDB

Atlassian does not yet officially support MariaDB as a database for JIRA although some installations already use MariaDB Server as the database for JIRA. There is also demand being built up for official support of MariaDB Server for JIRA. Check out the request(s) about it in Atlassian’s own JIRA. The “Support for MariaDB” request is found here. If you think it’s important you can vote and comment on that issue to give it some more attention.

For the tracking of the MariaDB development project itself we of course wanted to use MariaDB as the database beneath JIRA. has been up and running for a week now with MariaDB Server 10.1.12 as the database server and MariaDB’s Java Connector as the database driver. The setup has been very successful so far, i.e. we haven’t experienced any problems. Below are a few instructions on how to use MariaDB as the database server for JIRA.

Use date picker in custom form – WebCenter Content

The default date picker in WebCenter looks like this:

default calendar

This date picker is provided via the PopUpCalendar component. It can be utilized in a custom form as follows (where xPublicationDate is the custom date field):

<$include std_query_html_head_declarations$>
<$fieldName = "xPublicationDate", fieldCaption = lc("xPublicationDate"),fieldType = "Date"$>
<$include std_display_field$>