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Change to Oracle patch numbering – DB, EM, FMW

As of November 2015, the version numbering for new Bundle Patches, Patch Set Updates and Security Patch Updates for Oracle Database, Enterprise Manager and Middleware products will start to change format. The new format replaces the numeric 5th digit of the bundle version with a release date in the form “YYMMDD”.

Database transactions – WebCenter Content

This content is a re-post from comments posted on a blog post by Kevin Smith entitled Questions Anyone? The content seemed important enough to warrant me re-posting it. All credit goes to Kevin and the poster who asked the question. The content has been edited for clarity and grammar. Hi, in the trace log file, I usually find “begin tran – soft” […]

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Use Database View as WebCenter Content Schema View

WebCenter Content allows you to create schema views which are a tailored presentation of a corresponding database table. Oracle further describes views as follows: Views do not contain data, but they derive data from their tables. Views are used to simplify a database for use and to present data in a different perspective. A view […]

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WebCenter Content database tables

I have been asked before where/how data is stored in the database for WebCenter Content. A good overview of the database tables in use by WebCenter Content can be found in the Data Dictionary (page A-3) of Appendix A of the Content Server Troubleshooting Guide 10g Release 3. The following database tables are covered: Alias (page A-4) AliasUser […]

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