Oracle Content and Experience Cloud – New Features – March 2018

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service (CEC) was upgraded to version 18.1.5 in March 2018 with new features and performance upgrades.


Content templates

  • Content templates can now be used to share content models, which includes content layouts, content items, and digital assets that are needed to support a content model (such as sample content).
  • Using a content template allows enterprise users to start creating editorial content using content types and layouts from the template. They can publish this content to sites or to other available channels.
  • You create a content template from an existing site. It can then be shared with other users. Content templates should be created from sites with published content items and digital assets.
  • Note that content types are not created when a site template is imported from a package with content. They are created when a site is created from the content template. Therefore, content types are not owned by the user who imports the site template. Instead, content types are owned by the user who creates a first site from that template. That user can then share the template with other users as needed.

Enhanced sites publishing performance

  • Site activation can be a time-consuming process but a new feature delivers site files directly from a dynamic site folder.

Change to content list component

  • The Content List component has been improved with an additional query field, allowing you to use enhanced filter information. For example, search operators such as eq (equals) and le (less than or equal) can be used to filter items in a content list.


Upload performance

  • Uploading of content on stable networks is now faster. You can now upload files larger than 5GB, which was the previous limitation.

OS Support

  • Mac OS X 10.10 (“Yosemite”) and earlier versions of the operating system are no longer supported.


You can now develop templates and themes in Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DCS).

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