Oracle Integration Cloud – roundup

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) brings together an evolution of Oracle’s already proven Cloud Services for SaaS-On-Premises Integration, Process Automation, Visual Application Builder, and Integration Analytics into a single Cloud service. Customers that are designing and using processes always need integration to applications in addition to human task flows; integration flows often need process automation for those human based decisions for exceptions. By combining these capabilities into a single solution, customers can now take advantage of all of the features in a single cloud service in an integrated fashion. In addition, Oracle has also added a low code application builder that can complement both integration flows and process flows to meet any digital business challenge. Now it’s easy to plug in mobile, tablet and web channels from a single UX framework to your integration and process flows.

As I have done with Oracle Process Cloud Service, Oracle Visual Builder Cloud ServiceOracle Sites Cloud Service, Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service and RIDC, this post will serve as a roundup post linking other blogs, articles, white papers, etc.

If you know of an OIC resource that I am not linking to, feel free to contact me, and I will list it here.

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

Oracle Interation Cloud Service (ICS)

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