Oracle Content and Experience Cloud – New Features – December 2017

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service (CEC) was upgraded to version 17.4.5 in December 2017 with lots of new features and enhancements.


  • New sharing flow for collections and content types
  • Sharing public links by email
    • Sharing public links by email
  • New interface items
    • The browser now uses an icon (the browser more options icon) to indicate more menu options may be available. The previous icon to create a conversation (former conversation icon) has been replaced with a new icon (new browser conversation start icon)


  • Android
    • Users can now store the Oracle Content app on an SD card when using the app on an Android device


The new type-ahead search feature returns results when only a few characters of a search term are entered, letting you quickly find all matching results in a dropdown list.


Options to add members and share links are now available on the context menu when you right-click on an Oracle Content folder on your desktop.

For details, take a quick tour.



  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) settings improvement
  • Documents Usage Log data is purged after three months
    • The Documents Usage Log report is based on the last three months; data older than that is purged by default
    • For details, see:

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