Oracle Content and Experience Cloud – New Features – October 2017

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service (CEC) was upgraded to version 17.4.1 in October 2017 with lots of new features and performance upgrades.


Several performance improvements were made:

  • Desktop
    • Improved performance for selecting files/folders to sync
    • Faster download of the upgrade package to update the software
  • Sites
    • Displayed components are loaded before those farther down the page resulting in faster viewing


Improved performance in delivering search results in the web browser and the mobile client interfaces.


A new sharing flow has simplified the sharing process. You can now create a sharing link or add members to folders by directly choosing a menu option in the web browser, similar to what is done in the mobile clients. Options for a public link are set by default, making it simple to create that type of link.



  • The Cobrowse feature is an integration with Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service, letting you add a button on a site screen to enable screen sharing through a trusted connection
  • You can now add images in a paragraph component
  • New options when creating content items and using the editor are available; you can create custom sizes and use a ruler to easily change the size for previewing
  • The new tabbed layout lets you create tabbed “pages” of content in one layout
  • A new feature can control caching behavior in browsers, allowing sites to dynamically update resources as a site is being built and when a published site is used


New guided tours have been added for key aspects of the product. These tours introduce you to new or changed features and can be reviewed quickly at your convenience.


The new Apple File System (APFS), available in macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), is now supported. If you upgraded an older HFS+ file system to APFS, you must delete your old Oracle Content account using the desktop app Preferences menu and then add it again on the new APFS volume.


Support is now provided for Android 8.0 (Oreo) and iOS 11.


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