Oracle Cloud platform functionality – July 2017 update

Enhancements to the Oracle Cloud Platform are released on a continual basis. This is the July 2017 monthly summary about new and enhanced Infrastructure as a Service functionality.

Bare Metal Cloud Services (BMCS)

Block Volume

  • Customizable volume sizes: Block volumes can now be customized in sizes ranging from 50 GB to 2 TB. For more information, see Creating a Volume.
  • High IOPS volumes: Block volumes based on NVMe SSDs are now standard.


  • New virtual machine instances with NVMe storage: DenseIO Virtual Machine (VM) configurations are now available. With access to local NVMe storage, these instances are ideal for high performance applications with higher storage capacity and performance requirements, such as Apache Spark and Hadoop. More information is available on the Compute Service page.


  • Chef Knife Plugin: The Oracle BMCS Chef Knife Plugin is now available. Access the plugin here.
  • Developer tools enhancements: New versions of Oracle BMCS developer tools are now available, including Ruby, Python, and Java SDKs, Terraform provider, HDFS Connector, and CLI. These updates include support for new Load Balancing Service and Object Storage Service features, as well as fixes to known issues. For more information, see SDKs and Other Tools.


  • HTTP session persistence: Session persistence that enables continuity of connection between a particular web client and a server to enable shopping carts, log-in sessions, and performance is now available. For more information, see Session Persistence.
  • Private load balancers: Private load balancers, isolated from the internet and utilizing private IP addresses within a virtual network, are now available. For more information, see Private Load Balancers.

Object Storage

  • Object sharing with pre-authentication: Pre-authenticated requests enable access to objects without using credentials, as long as the creator of the request has access permissions for those objects. For more information, see Pre-authenticated Requests.
  • Public buckets: Public buckets, which are publicly readable, can now be created in Object Storage. For more information, see Public Buckets.
  • Bucket ACLs: Policy statements can now be extended to allow read or write access to specific buckets within a compartment.

Oracle BMCS Security

  • Security Fundamentals:  This guide provides an introduction to Oracle BMCS security fundamentals and is intended for information security professionals and application developers. To learn more, see Introduction to Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services Security.



Solution Guides

Oracle Compute Cloud Service


  • Private Peering for FastConnect: New in 17.2.6, Private Peering for FastConnect provides the ability to directly connect from your on-premises network to an IP Network.
  • Enhanced networking: aucom-east-1 adds enhanced networking to ANZ region. gbcom-south-1 adds enhanced networking to UK region.
  • VPN service release: You no longer need separate Corente VPN instances to securely connect to your cloud resources. For more detail on VPNaaS, visit VPNEnpointV2s REST Endpoints.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service


  • OCSA The Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance can now store and access data in both Standard and Archive Storage, through the commonly used NFS v4 protocol, with improved performance.

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