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WebCenter Content is a SOA-based application. Actions (such as checkin, checkout, search, etc.) can be triggered by calling services. This blog post lists some example SOAP requests and related information.



  • WSDL: https://host/idcws/GenericSoapPort?Wsdl
  • Endpoint: https://host/idcws/GenericSoapPort


  • dDocName
    • the uniquely generated ID for a content item (including all revisions)
  • dID
    • the uniquely generated ID for an individual revision
  • dCreateDate / dDocCreatedDate / dInDate
    • the date an individual revision was created/checked-in
  • Example date format
    • 4/2/13 11:16 AM
  • Example Groups format (xClbraAliasList)
    • @Accounting(R),@Executive(RWD),@Legal(RW),@IT(R)
  • Example Users format (xClbraUserList)
    • &jhult(R),&hsimpson(RW),&pgriffin(RWD)


  • A content item must always be checked-out before a check-in can occur
  • Revisions should be checked-in in the proper order starting with the oldest revision first and ending with the latest revision
  • If a service call returns a StatusCode, this means that something did not go correctly and there is an issue that needs to be examined

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