Oracle Cloud platform functionality – May 2017 update

Enhancements to the Oracle Cloud Platform are released on a continual basis. Starting this month, Oracle will release a monthly summary about new and enhanced Infrastructure as a Service functionality.

Bare Metal Cloud Services

Compute Service

Object Storage Service

  • Multipart Upload: Multipart upload enables uploading an object in parts, enhancing speed of upload and accommodating larger objects. For more information, see Managing Multipart Uploads.

Monitoring Service

  • Audit Service: The Audit Service is now available. This new service automatically records calls to all supported BMCS public API endpoints as log events. For more information, see Overview of the Audit Service.

Networking Service


  • Terraform Provider: The BMCS Terraform provider is now available. Terraform is an open source infrastructure automation and management software tool. Access the provider here.
  • Developer Tools Enhancements: New versions of BMCS developer tools are now available, including Ruby, Python, and Java SDKs, HDFS Connector, and CLI. Updates include support for VCN Local DNS and fixes to known issues. For more information, see SDKs and Other Tools.

Oracle Compute Cloud Service


  • Windows BYOL: It is now possible to Bring Your Own License (BYOL) for Windows Server. Please review licensing terms and conditions to better understand how to use Windows licensing. For more information, view the Compute Cloud FAQ.
  • New Instance Shapes: New general purpose, high-memory, and high I/O shapes are now available in select regions. For more detail, see About Machine Images and Shapes.


  • NVMe Storage: You can now use NVMe SSD disks as ephemeral data disks attached to your instances.
  • SSD Block Storage: A storage pool has been added to allow the creation of SSD backed persistent block volumes. These high-performance volumes can be used for persistent block storage or for bootable volumes.

For more details on NVMe Storage and SSD Block Storage, see What’s New for Oracle Compute Cloud Service.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service



  • HSM Cloud Service Integration: The Storage Cloud Service is now integrated with the Oracle Hierarchical Cloud Service. For more information on HSM, view the HSM Overview.

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