Reintroducing Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service

Oracle Documents Cloud Service is being rebranded to Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service (CEC). You will notice this change in the product starting in version 17.1.3 (which was released this weekend – February 3/4, 2017).

Version 17.1.3

  • docs.150308
  • osn.rd103-104
  • webclient.rd103-332.f5d29556

Product Overview

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud (CEC) enables teams to create and collaborate on content as well as build rich web experiences. Both internal and external teams can work together effectively to streamline content operations. Collaboration can take place from both desktop and mobile devices using client applications that users can install locally. Users can work offline and synchronize changes with the cloud environment Capabilities also include experience management to easily build websites leveraging the collaborative content as well as applications. CEC can be used by all parts of your business from marketing, sales, development, and more to enable better collaboration and engagement both inside and outside your organization.

Getting Started

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