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The following question was recently posted on the OTN Community for Oracle Process Cloud Service.

Does anyone know how to retrieve the details for a logged-in user in the new web forms? In basic (original) forms, a REST call could be made (while passing in ID of the logged-in user) using a business rule. This is a start form, so the user ID cannot be passed as a parameter from the process.

The following is the response the user received directly from Oracle:

  1. Create a REST connector to the PCS instance – GET operation using the loggedinuser resource.
  2. In the form, add the control you want to use and bind the control to this resource and pick the attribute from this resource. You can do this in different ways based on what the control is. Examples:
    1. For a drop-down select control, it provides a connector data binding option, you can use that to choose the binding attribute for the key and value.
    2. For a simple text field control, you can do it on the on-load event of the form (where the value is set to the connector data).


  • In 17.1.3, Oracle is introducing a computed value which will expose the connector data.
  • Both the original question and Oracle’s response were edited for grammar and clarity.

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