Oracle Documents Cloud Service – New Features – 16.4.5 – December 2016

Oracle Documents (DOCS) was upgraded to version 16.4.5 in December 2016 to include updates to features around mobile, web, desktop and Oracle Sites Cloud Service.

Version Details

  • docs.148687
  • osn.rd100-31
  • webclient.rd100-100.cc0cd0f4

New Features

Enhanced Mobile Experience

  • Real-time push notifications about changes related to your conversations and flags
  • Updated conversations list makes it simpler to see who last posted and what they posted
  • Simplified flows to send direct messages to other users on the system if you need to have a private conversation
  • New “Sync Folders” UI to replace the legacy Sync Manager
  • New setting to automatically sync folders you own to your desktop
  • Updated UI for a better experience on the macOS
  • Faster startup times, smaller memory footprint, better performance

Web enhancements driving productivity

  • Initiate Editing documents from the Web (via the Desktop)
  • Significant enhancements to the Document viewer (Excel only)
  • Restrict scope of a search to a particular folder

Enhancements to the Component Catalog

  • Easily share documents, folders, and conversation stored in DOCS via Sites – capability extended to all remaining components (Gallery Slider, Gallery Grid, Image, Social Bar)
  • New built-in Conversation List component – works together with the Conversation component to support creating collaborative sites

Site Builder improvements simplify custom development

  • Ability to create editable HTML elements in a page layout – makes converting web designs into Sites’ theme easier


  • Template Import is now running as a background task
  • Optimized Site copy operation (long running transactions removed)
  • Grid view is default for Themes, Templates and Sites
  • Jet 2.1 uptake in Site Builder allows you to use JET CCA components in Sites

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