My wishlist – Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service

In the past few months, we (Mythics) started using the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service (CEC, formerly known as Oracle Documents). So far, I’ve run into several feature enhancements which I would like for the core product. I have opened Oracle Enhancement Requests (ER) for the majority of these. The following list is not in any particular order (priority).

Custom domain name (CNAME) support

CEC URLs are currently crazy long for just the FQDN part of the URL (e.g., let alone the rest of the URL (specifying the action and GUID to the file/folder).

Retrieve just files or just folders using Documents Cloud – REST API – 22219611

The REST API currently only retrieves all files and all folders. There is no way to limit this to just files or just folders. In addition, there is no way to limit the number of results that come back.

Unable to control number of items in search results for pagination – 22262634

Similar to the item above, there is no way to limit the amount of results that come back in the web UI. Interestingly enough, Oracle does not use the REST API in the browser. Instead, they make service calls (see below).

Upon debugging some code, CEC tries to pull the number of items from LocalStorage. So, if a user does set PageSize in LocalStorage,

it loads just those amount of items (until LocalStorage gets cleared). So, this logic is already partly in the code. It should be easy to allow for a URL parameter to control this as well.

In addition, the service being called is FLD_BROWSE. The number of results can be limited here by using the fileCount parameter.

Request ownership of Docs folder – 22467992

  1. User A creates a folder (Folder 123) and some files within it.
  2. User A shares Folder 123 with User B.
  3. User B would like to become the owner for Folder 123.

Note (08/12/2017): Oracle has rejected this ER.

View version history with public link – 27281462

When a public link is shared with an external user (with either the Downloader or the Contributor access), the version history for the file should be visible.

Documents integration [to Process Cloud] should allow instance to link to an existing folder – 22366068

This is really a Process Cloud Service enhancement request. Process users should be allowed to work with folders and subsequently files that existed before a process is started (e.g. folders/files created in CEC directly).

Note (08/31/2016): Oracle has rejected this ER.

User shouldn’t get prompted for Identity Domain – 21986114

When using a link to any Oracle Cloud Service, the Identity Domain is already in the URL. Thus, there is no point in making the user input this.

Note (02/17/2016): Oracle appears to have fixed this in the past month or two.

When choosing ‘Open Docs on Web’, it should be able to automatically log me in – 22250002

Dropbox does this. The desktop client knows my identity already, so why can’t it just log me in?

Note (04/18/2016): Oracle has rejected this ER.

Implement groups functionality to assign multiple users to shared entities – 20713631

A CEC administrator should be able to  define custom roles (or groups/aliases if you prefer). Each custom role should be capable of being assigned to multiple end-users. Usually the custom role would correspond to a company job role such as Accounting, IT, Sales, Executives. These roles will not be changed frequently.

The owner of a folder should be able to share the folder by assigning one of the standard permission levels (Viewer, Downloader, ContributorManager) to custom roles (or groups) instead of assigning them to specific users. Therefore any user assigned to that custom role would be granted access

This feature would appear to set CEC apart from other vendors (who, based on my limited research, do not have this feature).

Note (11/16/2017): Oracle finally launched group functionality as of 17.4.1 (October 2017).

Ability to bulk add several users as members of folders – 22240148

It would be very nice to be able to add multiple users at once. A widget such as this could be utilized.

Note (12/20/2017): Oracle fixed this sometime in 2017.

Don’t show existing members when adding new members – 22234571

When adding new members, there is no need to show members that have already been added. It could get very crammed if there are a ton of users in the system (some who have been added and some who have not).

Support for selectively sync folders under folders – 22270979

The ability to selectively sync or unsync any subfolder.

Box does this.
Dropbox does this.

Need to limit users who can delete a content item – 25853180

Possible options include limiting deletion to the original author (or any revision author) or the owner.

Need separate write and delete permissions – 22228913

WebCenter Content already has this. Why shouldn’t CEC? This would be helpful in preventing users from accidentally deleting synced files from the repository and subsequently everyone else’s synced device.

This may be tricky (due to desktop sync) since it does not appear other vendors offer this capability.

Notifications on new upload / revision / deletion – 22364905

We would like to be able to subscribe to content (file or folder) so that we’re notified via email when it’s updated or deleted.

Ability to do black hole checkin to Documents Cloud Service – 22257786

The ability for a non-user to drop a file in a folder. They would be informed that it successfully uploaded but not be able to see it. Similar to the concept coined by Kyle Hatlestad here.

And while I’m at it, I would love for Oracle to drop My Oracle Support, and use JIRA instead (and a public instance at that).

If you would like the above features implemented, please open an SR and ask Oracle to add priority to these existing ERs. If you think of another missing feature, feel free to post it in the comments (and have Oracle open an ER).

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Caleb Ely
Caleb Ely

Drop My Oracle Support for JIRA. That will be the day.