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This content is a re-post from comments posted on a blog post by Kevin Smith entitled Questions Anyone? The content seemed important enough to warrant me re-posting it. All credit goes to Kevin and the poster who asked the question. The content has been edited for clarity and grammar.

Hi, in the trace log file, I usually find “begin tran – soft” for systemdatabase entries. However, I once found “begin tran – hard” when executing the UPDATE_DOCINFO service. It only happened once or twice and I could [could not – sic?] reproduce it. What are the differences of the transaction types and what impact do they have on performance?

Kevin’s response was as follows:

If you see “begin – tran hard”, then you should also see an update and insert into the Counters table. For “hard” transactions, WebCenter Content uses the Counters table to create a lock before continuing with the database transaction. For “soft” transactions, it just uses the normal database transaction synchronization. So, I would expect “hard” transactions to have a performance penalty especially in heavily used systems, since those transactions would have to single-thread through the lock on the Counters table. I would have expected the type of transaction to be fixed based on the service being called.

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