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LinkedIn, like many other social networks, has premium upsells, sponsored updates, job recommendations, etc. Many people would call these ads and would call these annoying.

I originally started hacking the LinkedIn user interface by hiding People You May Know who are non-members. I then moved on to sponsored updates.


Read additional information about Sponsored Updates

Many users are disgruntled about these sponsored posts.

Ok… here we go again. One month later and I get another “Sponsored Update” from a company I’m passionately NOT INTERESTED in hearing from. Guess what? I still can’t deactivate that company from showing up in my stream. Why can’t I turn off updates from companies I don’t care to do business with? Soon you’ll start showing dating site ads or worse, and we still can’t select which companies we don’t want showing up in our accounts?… that’s ridiculous. I PAY for an account. I should be able to have a choice!

According to the LinkedIn help, you can individually hide these sponsored posts.

You can hide each Sponsored Update individually when you see it in your LinkedIn feed. To hide a Sponsored Update, move your cursor over it and click the Hide link that appears on the right. Once you’ve hidden a specific update you will not receive it again.

While you cannot opt out of seeing advertisements completely on LinkedIn, you can hide each Sponsored Update individually when you see it in your LinkedIn feed. We also don’t offer the option to hide Sponsored Updates from a specific company.


As you can see from the resources below, these are clearly ads.

Once again, I started putting together a user script. However, user scripts fire after the page has loaded (which can have it’s advantages and disadvantages). In this case, it was a disadvantage as the items to be removed/hidden showed up momentarily before disappearing. I eventually stumbled across this blog post by Andy Maloney. It details how to use an adblocker such as Adblock Plus or µBlock (Chrome only) to hide many of these annoyances.

I built upon this work and have released it here.

Using this script will hide these type of LinkedIn ads.

You can use the following URL to automatically add the filters and stay updated:


Alternatively, if you want to selectively enable/disable some of these, you can do so by setting the filters manually in your adblocker settings.


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