Use Database View as WebCenter Content Schema View

WebCenter Content allows you to create schema views which are a tailored presentation of a corresponding database table. Oracle further describes views as follows:

Views do not contain data, but they derive data from their tables. Views are used to simplify a database for use and to present data in a different perspective.

A view consists of a list of properties and associated display rules. Each table in the schema must have an associated view. Views provide information about these items:

  • Specific columns in the table included in the schema. The selected columns are used to establish the dependencies between tables and also to generate the dependent choice lists
  • Internal and external column names
  • User interface display characteristics
  • Editing and sort order criteria

First, I created a database view that I wanted to use in a new schema view. Then, I proceeded to create a schema view. Schema views can be created in Configuration Manager.


When adding a schema view, you can select from out of the box tables or any table located in the WebCenter Content database schema. When first looking through this list, I could not find my database view. After some research, I discovered there is a configuration variableĀ EBRIncludeViewsInTableList which controls whether database views can be used to create a schema view. Out of the box, this configuration variable is set to false (0). If you enable this variable, you will be able to select a database view from the table listing on the Add View page.

More discussion about this configuration variable can be found at the following WebCenter Content OTN Community forum thread.

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Beau Rudder
Beau Rudder

You can also create a view on some Systems tables (User) and then use that view to programmatically insert users into UCM via RIDC / CIS. šŸ˜‰