WebCenter Content

Oracle WebCenter Content was released today.


Release 11g (11.1.1) ( includes the following new and changed features:

  • Oracle WebCenter Content User Interface: This newly developed way of accessing documents offers an easy and intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop convenience and sophisticated searching capabilities. It offers a simple way to store, secure, retrieve, and share any type of document. See Part II. Note that the feature-rich native 11g user interface is still supported for those who need to manage rich media beyond traditional office documents, including images, records, and videos. For more information see Part III.
  • Support for Mobile Devices: Oracle WebCenter Content now offers apps for your Apple iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet, allowing you to work securely where and how you want. See Chapter 26.

Oracle is holding a webcast to showcase the new user interface and WebCenter features on September 12, 2013. More details can be found here.

Some images and a video of the brand new interface can be seen below:



  1. Mark Zawadzki

    Are there any components that need to be enabled for this to work?

  2. Robert

    Thanks for the information. Can the User interface be modified to make it more user friendly?

    Is there an internal permission structure in (document management) that you can give to various users more control than others on documents, folders etc?

    Thanks again!


  3. Robert

    One last question: most ECM systems have a weak search engine. Can you recommend a search engine such as “Google search appliance” or equivalent search engine for this product. Thanks, RT

  4. RT


    Thanks for your comments! I’ll take your advice on the built in search.

    On the other question: On other ECM systems / Document Management piece, is that we can build Sales or Marketing or a Legal web pages (user interfaces) that all access the same document management server. However, only Marketing can have access to marketing documents and only Legal can only access to only legal documents. Thus, only designated Legal Owners can control and assign documents and other assets permissions as needed within their space. As you said in your comment you can only have 1 user interface with 1 customization?

    I’ll take a look at your links. Many thanks for your help Jonathan!


    • Jonathan

      For the built-in Idoc Script based user interface, you can make as many customizations as you would like. You could even make these customizations apply to only certain users.

      For the ADF based WebUI (which this blog post references), I will defer to Oracle’s response (since I have not yet personally done any customization to it).

  5. Brian Muenzenmeyer

    Hi Jonathan,

    Is there any notion of profile search on the new UI? I cannot find confirmation or denial of this. We heavily utilized profiles at my company.

    Also, I have heard that the new UI comes with access control lists that would allow a user to store personal information and share it in a controlled fashion. Please confirm this, and also confirm whether or not this functionality would be mirrored out of the box in the native UI?


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