Contribution Folders – Trash

In the Contribution Folders (folders_g) component, there is a concept known as Trash. Trash is really just a folder that stores folders, content items and shortcuts that have been “deleted” from a folder.

When a content item, folder or shortcut is deleted, that item is moved to Trash and not directly deleted (if Trash is enabled). It is important to note that these content items still turn up in search results (and thus could appear in Site Studio websites). To truly delete the content, you need to delete the content items from Trash.

The Folder Configuration page has a setting which controls whether Trash is enabled.

Remove items immediately when deleted: When selected, items are deleted immediately (not moved to the Trash folder). If not selected, deleted items are first moved to the Trash folder.

Sometimes it can be helpful to know the total size of all content items stored in the Trash folder. This can be retrieved by running the following SQL query:

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