WebCenter Content database tables

I have been asked before where/how data is stored in the database for WebCenter Content. A good overview of the database tables in use by WebCenter Content can be found in the Data Dictionary (page A-3) of Appendix A of the Content Server Troubleshooting Guide 10g Release 3.

The following database tables are covered:

Alias (page A-4)
AliasUser (page A-5)
ArchiveChangedRows (page A-6)
ArchiveHistory (page A-7)
Collaborations (page A-9)
Config (page A-10)
Counters (page A-11)
DatedCaches (page A-12)
DeletedRows (page A-13)
DocFormats (page A-14)
DocMeta (page A-15)
DocMetaDefinition (page A-16)
DocTypes (page A-18)
DocumentAccounts (page A-19)
DocumentHistory (page A-20)
Documents (page A-22)
ExtensionFormatMap (page A-24)
HtmlConversions (page A-25)
HtmlConversionSums (page A-26)
OptionsList (page A-27)
ProblemReports (page A-28)
ProjectDocuments (page A-30)
RegisteredProjects (page A-32)
Revisions (page A-33)
RoleDefinition (page A-38)
SecurityGroups (page A-39)
Subscription (page A-40)
Users (page A-42)
UserSecurityAttributes (page A-45)
WorkflowAliases (page A-46)
WorkflowCriteria (page A-47)
WorkflowDocAttributes (page A-48)
WorkflowDocuments (page A-49)
WorkflowHistory (page A-51)
Workflows (page A-54)
WorkflowStates (page A-56)
WorkflowSteps (page A-57)
sysconstraints (page A-58)
syssegments (page A-59)

The main tables for content items and metadata are DocMeta, Documents and Revisions.

Keep in mind this is not a definitive list of tables. See the comments section for a PDF displaying a schema overview of tables in

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Hello Jonathan,

I’m interested in the Docmeta tables which contains the custom metadata Columns.

My question is :

If we have to deal with a large number of custom metadata ( 200 ===> … ), we will have a table in our database with a great number of Columns.

After a few years with a million of documents checked-in, would we have a degradation of performance regarding sql queries (selects, inserts, updates) ?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for sharing. Is there any API that I can query the tables(ex: RoleDefinition, Users) instead of getting the whole table?( like GET_TABLE in RIDC)