Notepad++ Idoc Script plugin

Notepad++ is my favorite text editor. Notepad++ even works on *nix using Wine.

Arnoud Koot created a Notepad++ plugin that gives Idoc Script syntax highlighting as well as auto completion (typeahead) for common variables, functions, and services. Kyle Hatlestad originally blogged about this plugin here.

Today, Arnoud has released a new version of this plugin:

There is a new version of my iDoc extension for Notepad++ available.
The iDoc syntax highlighting and auto-completion is extended with version 11g functionality. Several new keywords are added.

And as a new feature I have added a context sensitive help file. Using the language help plug-in developers can look up a single keyword in this Oracle help file.
This way you can see which parameters are needed to execute a function or service (for instance is strSubstring expecting the offset or the endpoint as third parameter).

To prevent copyright issues the actual help file itself is not included in the download.
To create your own iDocHelp.chm use the included iDocHelpGenerator.exe. Download the
Oracle Webcenter Content help files and execute iDocHelpGenerator.exe once and you will have your own iDocHelp.chm which can be used with Notepad++.

This iDoc extension for Notepad++ can be downloaded here.

Kind regards,

Arnoud Koot

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