Hide LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn, like many other social networks, has premium upsells, sponsored updates, job recommendations, etc. Many people would call these ads and would call these annoying. I originally started hacking the LinkedIn user interface by hiding Peeople You May Know who are non-members. I then moved on to sponsored updates. Once again, I started putting together a […]

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Now SSL enabled

This website is now SSL enabled. HTTPS is a communications protocol used on the Internet that has a layer of security added. It is a combination of the standard HTTP protocol, and a security protocol called SSL/TLS. HTTPS is important because standard HTTP sends data over the Internet in plain text making it easy to intercept. The […]

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Allowable characters in Folders – WebCenter Content

I’ve written a lot about WebCenter Content Folders (FrameworkFolders). Below is an excerpt from My Oracle Support Doc ID 1937218.1 . Most characters are allowed in folder names and file names (for those content items existing within folders). However, by default, these are the illegal characters: You can change this by setting the following configuration variable: […]

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Update metadata without dID – WebCenter Content

A friend recently posed a question of how to update a content item in WebCenter Content when all he had was dDocName (unique content item identifier). He did not have dID (unique revision specific identifier). WebCenter Content metadata is set at the revision level; thus, you usually need the revision specific identifier dID to update metadata. However, in […]

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Statement of Direction for Site Studio

Public Service Announcement (for those who are not aware): For those customers that have deployed Site Studio for enterprise portals, marketing sites and intranets, or publishing content via web applications (sometimes referred to as “Site Studio for External Applications” or “SSXA”), WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Sites are the strategic solutions. For customers developing marketing sites […]

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Hitron CGN2 – modem login

I was trying to login to a friend’s Hitron CGN2 cable modem the other day. Instead of the normal admin GUI login, I was presented this screen: This login functionality is provided through the cable company and powered by ClearAccess. I did not need nor want this access. After much Googling, I found a way to […]

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AlphabetizeMenus – build_7_20140808 – WebCenter Content

AlphabetizeMenus was originally written by Jason Stortz of Redstone Content Solutions. I wrote an update to this component to make it compatible with 11g (native UI not the ADF Content UI). A while ago, a user reported an issue on a WebCenter Content 11g instance with Records Management installed. I discovered a JavaScript error was occurring. I was able to replicate the issue and […]

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Permission denied – SocketException – Java 7 and VPN

When attempting to use the Oracle UCM Web Service, GenericSoapService, I ran into the following error using SoapUI: I was able to track down this error to using a VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect) and Java JDK 7. The trick is to ensure Java is using IPv4. For SoapUI do the following: Edit the following file: SmartBear/bin.soapUI-version.vmoptions add the following […]

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