Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne – 2015


Oracle and Mythics are both gearing up for this year’s OpenWorld in San Francisco October 25 – October 29.¬†Yesterday, I started building my Oracle OpenWorld 2015 and JavaOne 2015 schedule. This will be the first year I am speaking at OpenWorld and my third year in attendance. Hidden Gems in Oracle WebCenter Content [UGF9933] Jonathan […]

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Update folder during workflow – WebCenter Content


When a WebCenter Content item is in workflow, metadata on this content item can be updated. This includes the folder (whether FrameworkFolders or Folders_g) that the content item exists in. Folder updates can be done via the Idoc Script function wfUpdateMetadata. However, this function uses the not well known service UPDATE_METADATA, which only updates the […]

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Required search fields – WebCenter Content


WebCenter Content provides the ability to require a field value for a given metadata field when checking-in or updating a content item. This can be controlled one of two ways. The first is setting this value in Configuration Manager using a rule field type: The second is by using the isRequired variable either in the […]

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