Stop Eclipse from word wrapping comments


Is there a way to stop Eclipse from mangling the comments in my source files? My main issue is stopping it from word wrapping them. I’ve managed to configure Eclipse to not word wrap any code, but it still seems to do it to comments.


Use /*- (note the hyphen) at the beginning of the block comment, and the formatting won’t be affected if you format the rest of the file.

Oracle Cloud – metered versus non-metered

The core Oracle Public Cloud Services including Java Cloud Service, Database Cloud Service, and Storage Cloud Service offerings are available in two ways: Metered and Non-metered. This post will attempt to explain the differences using Java Cloud Service as an example.

Metered services are a pre-paid offering, also referred to as “a-la-carte” or “committed” offerings. A metered cloud service like Java Cloud Service or Database Cloud Service is where you are charged based on the actual usage of the service resources on an hourly or monthly basis.

Non-metered services are a subscription based offering, also referred to as “standard subscription” or “un-committed” offerings. A Non-metered service is essentially a monthly or annual subscription for a fixed service configuration which you typically cannot change.