• RemoveQueryBuilderFields

    This Oracle WebCenter Content custom component overrides the dynamichtml include “query_form_std_script” in order to remove metadata fields from the Query Builder search form. The metadata fields to remove are specified in a preference prompt. ( watchers)

  • DeleteContentRIDC

    Delete content from Oracle WebCenter Content using RIDC. ( watchers)

  • LinkedIn Hide Non-Members from PYMK

    Hide non-members from People You May Know on LinkedIn. These people usually show up with a name, email address, a button to "Add to network" and no profile picture. ( watchers)

  • Minify

    This WebCenter Content component uses a "postWebfileCreation" Java filter to take the web viewable (or alternate) file and if it is a JavaScript or CSS file, use YUI Compressor to minify the file. The primary file is not touched. This component works on a day-forward basis meaning CSS and JavaScript files which have been checked-in prior to enabling this component, will not be minified. If past files need to be minified, they can be submitted for reconversion using Repository Manager. ( watchers)

  • EditDataFileFromWorkflow

    This WebCenter Content component adds a menu item to allow editing a Data File from the following pages: Content Items in Workflow and Workflow Review. ( watchers)

  • swizzle-confluence

    Strongly typed Java Client for the Confluence XML-RPC API. Can add, update, find and delete pages and more. ( watchers)

  • IECompatHead

    This WebCenter Content component forces Internet Explorer to use Compatibility Mode. ( watchers)

  • ContentServerHeaderText

    This WebCenter Content component replaces the standard "Content Server" text with whatever value is in the ContentServerHeaderText_Label preference prompt. ( watchers)

  • AlphabetizeMenus

    This component alphabetizes the menus in WebCenter Content. ( watchers)

  • MySecurityPermissions

    This WebCenter Content component overrides the GET_USER_PERMISSIONS service and adds a template which shows the current user's roles, security groups (and permissions), accounts (and permissions) and aliases. ( watchers)

  • AlphabetizeOptionLists

    This WebCenter Content component uses JavaScript and the YUI library built-in to WebCenter Content to alphabetize all the option lists on a page. ( watchers)

  • AlwaysIncludeSubfoldersInSerch

    This WebCenter Content component overrides the dynamichtml include "collection_recursive_search_cb" to ensure that the checkbox "include subfolders" is always checked on the Search form for the Contribution Folders (folders_g) component. ( watchers)

  • SSSectionCreatedBy

    This WebCenter Content component implements a SiteStudioAddNode filter. It adds the user name of the user who creates a Site Studio section as an attribute on the section in the Site Studio project file. It does this by calling the service SS_SET_NODE_PROPERTY. ( watchers)

  • FolioZipNoHDARenderer

    This WebCenter Content component creates a new Content Folio rendition (zipNoHDA) which creates a zip but does not add any metadata HDA files. ( watchers)

  • AdditionalSearchFields

    This WebCenter Content component enables additional fields to be added as available fields that can be added to Search Results pages. The field names are defined in a comma-separated list in a preference prompt. ( watchers)

  • HowToComponents

    The HowToComponents are a collection of "basic-advanced" customizations to Oracle UCM/ECM. ( watchers)

  • HideFullDocInfoLink

    This WebCenter Content component overrides the dynamichtml include "docinfo_page_title" to hide the "Full" DocInfo link. ( watchers)

  • LoginFormAutofocus

    This Oracle WebCenter Content component autofocuses the User Name field on the standard login page. ( watchers)

  • PDFPageNumbers

    This WebCenter Content component counts the number of pages in a PDF and stores this value in a metadata field defined in a preference prompt. ( watchers)

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