AlphabetizeMenus – build_7_20140808 – WebCenter Content

AlphabetizeMenus was originally written by Jason Stortz of Redstone Content Solutions. I wrote an update to this component to make it compatible with 11g (native UI not the ADF Content UI). A while ago, a user reported an issue on a WebCenter Content 11g instance with Records Management installed. I discovered a JavaScript error was occurring. I was able to replicate the issue and […]


Permission denied – SocketException – Java 7 and VPN

When attempting to use the Oracle UCM Web Service, GenericSoapService, I ran into the following error using SoapUI: I was able to track down this error to using a VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect) and Java JDK 7. The trick is to ensure Java is using IPv4. For SoapUI do the following: Edit the following file: SmartBear/bin.soapUI-version.vmoptions add the following […]


WebCenter Content Search – use DOC_INFO_BY_NAME

While coding a component the other day, I was looking through std_page.htm (Oracle_ECM1/ucm/idc/resources/core/idoc/std_page.idoc). I stumbled across the following configuration variable which allows linking to DOC_INFO_BY_NAME instead of the default DOC_INFO on Search pages. This configuration defaults to false so that DOC_INFO is used. Using DOC_INFO_BY_NAME has the benefit of always pointing to the latest revision (whether released, and in […]


Information fields versus Application fields

What is the difference between information fields and applications fields in WebCenter Content? This is a question I have seen posted to forums, and I have also been curious about myself. Bex Huff posted a good explanation here: Information fields appear automatically on the search/check-in pages, and get stored in the database as document metadata. Application fields […]


Hide WebCenter Content quick search

WebCenter Content provides a searching function known as Quick Search. With the Quick Search Field, you can perform a search regardless of the page in the content area. By default, the Quick Search field performs a substring search for the specified search terms in the title, content ID metadata, and text indexed for full-text search if your system […]


AlphabetizeMenus – build_6_20130620 – WebCenter Content

AlphabetizeMenus was originally written by Jason Stortz of Redstone Content Solutions. I wrote an update to this component to make it compatible with 11g. A while ago, I was having issues on certain WebCenter Content 11g instances when using this component. I discovered a JavaScript error was occurring (although not all the time). I took the […]


LinkedIn – People You May Know

I use LinkedIn. Along with many others who use LinkedIn, I have linked my email account so my contacts can be scanned to find potential connections. While this is convenient, it can cause an annoyance with the People You May Know feature. People You May Know helps you find people you may already know or may know […]


WebCenter Content MLR 3 released

Patch 18088049: WCC BUNDLE (MLR 03) JANUARY 2014 was released this past week. The patch can be downloaded here. The full readme is located here. The following bugs were fixed in this release: 17424037 – CONFIGURE THE SYNCHRONIZEUSERS SCHEDULED EVENT TO ALLOW IT TO BE DISABLED 17006115 – FIX FOR BUG 17006115 17171834 – […]


11g folder sorting – WebCenter Content

FrameworkFolders, simply known as Folders, is the new foldering solution in WebCenter Content 11g. More information about Folders can be found here. In the past, I have blogged about 11g Folders browsing configuration settings. I have also blogged about how to hide the folder field in Folders. Today, I will share some information about additional configuration […]


Use Database View as WebCenter Content Schema View

WebCenter Content allows you to create schema views which are a tailored presentation of a corresponding database table. Oracle further describes views as follows: Views do not contain data, but they derive data from their tables. Views are used to simplify a database for use and to present data in a different perspective. A view […]

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